About meatlinc

The ram for quality lamb

About Meatlinc

The Meatlinc breed is in the Terminal Sire category and is specifically bred to produce hardy, fast growing, lambs of high carcase quality out of maternal pure or cross-bred ewes. The only new breed of sheep created in the 20th.Century, it originated from a five breed crossing programme started in 1962 by Henry Fell.

The prime objective in the breeding, management and selection of the Meatlinc has always been to produce rams of high performance under strictly commercial conditions. Conditions which are very similar to those of the ordinary prime lamb producer. The rams are never over-fed or pampered and prepared for the show ring unlike many of the other ram breeds; and never ‘melt’ after they are sold.

It is also important to appreciate that the Meatlinc Breed is managed by a commercial company, the Meatlinc Sheep Co.Ltd. The breeders are members of the company and all work together to follow precisely the same procedures of management, selection and marketing. The rams are sold as shearlings ex. production farm at fixed prices relative to individual performance Index. All are sold certified as Scrapie free. The breeders cover a wide range of climate and farm conditions, and they extend from the far north of Scotland down to the very different conditions in Cornwall. You may be sure however that a ‘Meatlinc’ is a ‘Meatlinc’ from whichever breeder you buy it from.

The Meatlinc breed is a market leader in genetic performance – see the graph produced by Signet. This is not because the selection procedures are any different but is due to the disciplined approach to that selection.