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Shearling ram price list 2017

Price Class Index Range Price
Class 1 350+ £650
Class 2 320- 349 £550
Class 3 Below 320 £450

All sales are ex-farm and are subject to quantity discount: 10% for 3 rams or more, any one sale.

Details of Meatlinc rams for sale are shown under each breeder (see right column), or click on the map, right to see the locations of our breeders’ farms.

If there is not a breeder in your area, please feel free to contact us anyway. Our breeders supply rams all over the country and delivery can be arranged. The Meatlinc breeder will make every effort to accomodate your requirements.


The figures shown for each ram are a measurement of growth factors and carcase quality brought together to produce a terminal sire index.

What do the figures for each ram show?

The Actual figures show the weight of the lambs at 20/21 weeks old. An ultrasound scan measures the muscle and fat depth across the loin in mm.

The EBV (Estimated Breeding Value) figures estimate the following:

WT – Breeding potential for growth from birth to 20/21 weeks. E.g. a ram with an EBV of +6kg is estimated to produce lambs which are 3kg heavier at 20/21 weeks than a ram with an EVB of 0.

MUSC – This is a predictor of total lean meat yield. E.g. compared to a ram with an EBV of 0mm, a ram with an EBV of +4mm is expected to produce lambs with an extra 2mm of eye muscle depth at 20/21 weeks.

FAT – negative values indicates a potential to produce either:

- leaner carcases

- heavier carcasess without being over fat

The Indexes combine all these figures to provide a breed benchmark across all Meatlinc rams, regardless ofwhere they are produced.

Conditions of sale

Following confirmation or order, an invoice will be sent requesting payment to be made. No stock will be delivered or loaded until payment has been received from the customer unless some other arrangement has been agreed in writing.

The collection and transport of the stock is the responsibility of the buyer and this must take place within 2 weeks maximum of selection and confirmation. If stock is left on the producers farm for longer than 2 weeks, then the stock is entirely at the purchasers risk.

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