The ram for quality lamb

Opportunities for Young Sheep Farmers

George Fell with Meatlinc RamsAt a time when opportunities for young men and women in agriculture are high on the agenda, George Fell who farms with his father at Thorganby, in the Vale of York, has had the chance and wants to encourage others to follow him.

With two recent retirements from the network, George is now looking for new breeders. “This is a great opportunity for someone who is interested in producing commercially reared animals to a high standard using all the advances of modern genetics” says George. “It could suit a young person like me, whose father is not yet ready to retire but is willing for his son or daughter to set up a separate enterprise on the farm”. “We are not interested in producing pampered animals for show rings – we want to use the great tools that modern genetics can offer, and coupled with good stockmanship produce rams that will go out and work and produce lambs to fit the exacting specifications demanded today.”

New breeders buy into a package of pedigree Meatlinc ewes plus young stock rams, at a very reasonable price, undertake to fully record through Signet’s Sheepbreeder scheme, participate in strategy meetings where members decide the way forward and set ram prices, and attend selection days where stock rams are approved and reference sires selected to give connectivity throughout all flocks. “It’s like a big family” says George. “We all get on well, we work together to promote the breed, and we are all passionate about the genetic gains that come from informed selection”.

Interested in finding out more?  Contact George on 07929 002150