The ram for quality lamb

Meatlinc participates in RamCompare Project

Meatlinc have been asked to participate in the The RamCompare project, established by Signet.    It is a two-year pilot project designed to trial strategies for capturing commercial data on slaughter lambs in the UK sheep industry.   

67 rams from five breeds – Texel, Suffolk, Charollais, Hampshire Down and Meatlinc – will be tested across these flocks over the 2016 and 2017 lambing seasons.

The rams will be representative of the top 20 per cent of their breed based on their estimated breeding values (EBVs) and the AI sires will have good linkage with other pedigree flocks.

Data from their lambs will be collected through to slaughter. This data will be evaluated to see whether its inclusion in the rams’ genetic evaluations identifies differences between sires and improves their accuracy. A ranking of the tested rams, based on commercially important traits, will be generated at the end of the project in 2017.

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