Richard and Martin Scott

The farms of Cacrabank and Gilmanscleuch extend to 2700 acres of predominantly hill ground and the elevation rises from 700 feet to 1660 feet above sea level.

The sheep enterprise consists of 1400 ewes, 120 of which are pedigree Meatlinc ewes from which some 50 rams are sold annually, 1100 Scotch Blackface ewes are pure bred and 180 draft Blackface ewes put to Meatlinc rams to produce mule lambs for sale. Of the 1100 pure bred Blackface ewes 200 are in a self contained flock which has been performance recorded for 30 years (as have the Meatlincs) and produce rams for home use and for sale.

The cattle side of the business comprises a herd of 70 Saler and Limousin cross suckler cows put to Limousin bulls producing store calves for sale at 12 months as well as replacement heifers for the herd.

All sheep and cattle replacements are bred on the farm apart from an occasional Meatlinc ram brought in from one of the other producers and a bull every three years. This ensures a high health status of all animals on the farm.

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Richard and Martin Scott

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